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               Voter Information

Registration Problems: 

If you get to the polls and are told that you're not registered, by law, you are still allowed to vote.  Make sure you are at the correct polling location before requesting a Provisional Ballot.  You may contact the Committee of Seventy's Citizens Access Center at 1-866-268-8603 to be sure that you are at the right polling place.  You may vote on a Provisional Ballot  that is specially handled by the Election Bureau until it is determined whether or not you are properly registered.

Emergency Ballots: 

In the event that there are voting machines problems and you are in line to vote, you should be provided with an Emergency Ballot to cast your vote.  Also, note that Harvey Bartle III, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for Eastern Pennsylvania, has ruled that if half of the voting machines break down in any voting division, election officials must offer voters the option of using paper ballots.

Election Day Attire:

In Philadelphia, voters are allowed to wear materials endorsing their candidates when they go into the polling place to vote.  Voters may not actively campaign, and must leave the polling place once they are finished voting.  Other counties in Pennsylvania may adopt a stricter rule and NOT permit a voter to wear any political merchandise into the polling place.  Check with your county board of elections to determine the rule for your county.

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