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Photo Album

Take a look at few of our photos.  Enjoy!

Legends & Legends in the Making - 80th Anniversary

Delta Academy

Deltas on Duty  -  Juanita Kidd Stout (JKS) Youth Conf. 2007

Philadelphia Alumnae receiving BEBASHI's John Allen Blue Award in recognition of our contributions to HIV/AIDS awareness.  

Legend - Victoria A. Mosley Rivers, current Chapter President - 80th Anniversary

         Delta Academy on display          

JKS Youth Conf. participants at work - 2006


A few of our scholarship recipients


Charles L. Blockson, 2007 STMA Award recipient, with Dr. Constance Clayton, and then Chapter President MarvaLisa F. Scott - 80th Anniversary


Deltas & Delta GEMS at work



Philadelphia Alumnae & Gamma Chapters -    JKS Youth Conf.                                   


Deltas Racing for a Cure







"A Sisterhood Called to Serve"